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2013: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So 2013 has been a whirlwind of great and not so great things. My blog is still up and going strong (YAY!) I’m feeling more confident about additional content and will definitely keep it up for 2014; and I’m feeling more and more confident within myself in general. That’s been the biggest thing about the blog for me, looking at myself in ways I never thought I would and gaining a love for myself I had previously really struggled with; it’s been a great few years in that respect and I’m so happy to be in a position where my blog not only helps me, but now also helps others. If I had to point to one post that sums this up, it would be ‘ When a photoshoot is about more than just the photos ’, with Khandie Khisses . This was a breakthrough for me in regards to how I was feeling at the time and how certain aspects of my life were bringing me down. The shoot came at the perfect time and I felt like it was the breath of fresh air I needed, and the response was so overwhelming

Red & Gold makes the perfect Christmas

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well. I’m still bursting from all the food I’ve eaten in the past two days and I’m now sitting here comfortably in my bed, ready to get my blog on. I’m loving all the posts about what you guys have been wearing over the festive season and today, I thought I’d show my Christmas dress. I cheated a little with these pictures as I took them a few days before Christmas with my lovely friend Shel (who only lives a delightful 15 minutes away from me). She’s my unpaid photographer and always does an amazing job, and I love the pictures she’s taken below. I absolutely love this dress! I’m not usually a lace girl, but I saw this dress on the Simply Be website and knew it had to be *the* dress. The dress is a deep red so it's not too overwhelming and the lace is subtle and compliments the cut of the dress really well. I wanted to keep accessorising to a minimum as I wanted the focus to be on the dress, but I did want some standout acc

1940s Indulgence & 35mm Love

Hello you lovely lot. So it’s Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve and although I’m not particularly feeling the Christmas spirit this year, I do feel extremely joyous – particularly when I get to blog about something as divine as this dress! I ordered this dress from Collectif Clothing during one of their recent sales, and I had been admiring it from afar for ages. The thing is, I’m a 1950s vixen and love swing dresses to the point of worry (you really don’t want to see my wardrobe), so delving into the 40s was something I was wary of. The cut of 1940 dresses are quite unforgiving and I’m not one who likes VBO on me, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to nab this during the sale.  I’m happy to say, I absolutely love this dress! I felt like a bit of a movie star in it. The button and pleated detail are gorgeous and I adore the deep Forrest Green colour; yes it clings, but not to the point where I felt uncomfortable and that’s always the most important thing. I wore t

A Carousel, Big Wheel & Fab Dress

A few weeks ago, I had a fab day out shopping followed by a fab night out playing at the Funfair. I wore this lovely dress by Cutie for Simply Be . I love the partnerships Simply Be make with smaller brands and this is the second Cutie dress I have purchased. They’re great for shorter folk like myself, and I love the cut of this dress, the Peter Pan collar and the gorgeous Mint colour. Although my boobs misshape the front of the dress, ironically, I prefer it to the original design ! It was the perfect dress to run around in on a mild autumns day. Dress: Cutie (via Simply Be ) Snood: Dorothy Perkins Cardigan & Leggings: South (via Very ) Boots: eBay Pretty swirl! Funfair fun times: I have adored carousels since I was a little girl and this one did not disappoint :D Me and Jagi did it, we went on the big wheel! Our view from Leicester Square :) Er, we may have also accidentally stumbled into the Häagen-Dazs restaurant: