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End of year report

Hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas break! Well, this year has been a whirlwind for good and not so good reasons. I’d say one of the most good/bad things to happen this year would be joining the plus size blogger world. (NB: I did write a rather lengthy 'bad' in regards to blogging, but it's a new year and all, so I want to keep it positive! 01.01.2013) I started my blog because I saw an amazing article in Fabulous Magazine, about plus size bloggers, and was so happy to have people like me represented in a positive way. There was nothing about health concerns, being unattractive or getting free stuff; it was about women being empowered in spite of what the general public consensus might be. It was about three gorgeous fat babes talking about loving their bodies and dressing how they liked, when they liked (I have incidentally become really great friends with one of them, Sian , and I love her to bits!). I read that article and thought, “w

Vixen Pixie at Bad Reputation

So last night was the last ever, Bad Reputation . I wanted to change my look a little, so decided to go all Black, booby and tight! I accessorised with a pop of colour in the form of red lipstick and the most wonderful headpiece from Pearls and Swine . I have had this headpiece for the longest time, and until last night, couldn’t find an opportunity to wear it. I love this look as it’s a bit Goth with a few feminine touches (sorry about the lighting): Myself and Kirsty had the biggest fit of giggles due to me having my picture taken in the toilets…..and in front of bog roll- keeping it classy ‘til the bitter end ;p This bodysuit was so comfy! I love this headpiece! It’s so fun and classy at the same time Headpiece: Pearls and Swine Bodysuit: Simply Be Pencil Skirt: Very Shrug: eBay Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Tights: Boots Lipstick: Rimmel (Colour: Starry-Eyed) I’m a loser, so was far too scared to go up to the Bad Rep team and