Monday, 29 October 2012

One day, we're gonna live, in Paris!

(Nice reference to the fab Friendly Fires ;p)

Hi guys,

So its been a little while since I touched base with you, and this isn't really a clothes post but more of an update.

I went to Paris recently and it was a dream! I last went there when I was 13 for a school trip and I hated every minute of it! People were rude and had no patience for students, and I nearly got run over by some mad man (who was thoroughly enjoying the terror in my eyes!) :( I swore I would never go back there and until this trip, I had avoided the place like the plague.

Anyways, my friend Alexia invited me and my friend Rosie to visit her and stay for a few days- we of course jumped at the chance and headed for the Eurostar. It was pretty chill and went by really quickly (but that was probably because I slept through the journey).

Alexia is currently staying in the cutest flat ever! It was a one bedroom flat that was so gorgeously decked out and typically French. I had a clear idea of the places I wanted to go, courtesy of the lovely Katie who in short, gave me the best list ever!

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop were my favourite parts. I'm a *huge* Shakespeare fan, so having a bookshop that was dedicated to him and his works was such a thrill. I bought three books from there and you get this cute little Shakespeare stamp and a bookmark to go with them. I'm such a nerd, so this was like hitting the lottery! Below is a cool picture from inside (you're not meant to actually take pictures inside :/)

Myself, Al and Rosie (I bought three awesome books from here- joy!)

Other places we went to included:
   Louvre Museum
   Notre Dame
   The Jardin du Luxembourg
   Eiffel Tower
   Arc de Triomphe
   Londons' equivalent to Soho, but I forget the name :/

I also really wanted to go to Musee D'Orsay, but we decided it would be really clever to avoid the crowd of the weekend and go on the Monday instead. When we got there, we were so smug because there were no crowds and no queue. Went to see where the heck we could get in, only to discover the place is closed on Mondays! I seriously wanted to cry :(

We did so much walking and although the underground is the fastest way to get to places, you obviously want to see your surroundings, walk around and soak in the gorgeous views. The architecture there is beautiful! They are really rustic and grand- lots of stone walls and marble and they're all so tall, you spend most of your time looking up!

The weather was horrible and rainy for most of the weekend, but picked up the last couple days. They are still maniacs on the road too! It's like they are going out of their way to run you the hell over! If I had a pound for every time I called someone a dick, I'd be a rich lady!

All in all it was a fab trip, and I can't wait to go back!

Once I sort out the nightmare of my two cameras (that's long, long story) I will post a few more here along with boring my friends on Facebook with even more- fun time :D

'Til next time folks.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


So I went to see Radiohead for the first time last night, and my head is still completely in the clouds. Radiohead are my favourite band and I remember watching the video for 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' on MTV (when MTV was actually cool- if you blinked, you missed it), and being enchanted by Thom York spinning around like a Looney Tune (a sign of things to come)- that was where my love for them started.

Like any love though, you go through ups and downs. For me, the downs were 'Amnesiac' and about 90% of 'Hail to the Thief' (I know, I know- sue me!).......but then they released 'In Rainbows'. I was apprehensive when they announced they were releasing a new record. As already mentioned, the two predecessors did nothing for me, and I so wanted to love this record. I downloaded it but didn't listen for a few days, but when I finally did- it was heaven! I cannot express how much this record means to me and I welcomed it like a warm blanket on a Winters morning. For me they had gone back to what I had fallen in love with at the start!

The set itself was mostly dedicated to King of Limbs (obviously), but there were dashes of brilliance from their other albums, and I was transported back to my innocent times of being a kid, and spent the entire show jumping and spinning around with Thom (who is officially *the* best dancer the world has ever known!)- much to my friends surprise as she'd never seen me embracing sheer abandon before. It was incredibly liberating.

Highlights for me were 'Daily Mail', with Thom rocking his head from side to side as he played the piano- it was so beautiful. 'Nude' and 'Karma Police' were the big sing-alongs, 'Weird Fishes' was just gorgeous (Eds vocal support makes the song what it is); and then everyone of course went gaga to 'Everything In Its Right Place'. There was also the new(ish) song, 'Identikit'- great to hear that live too!

However, whenever you see someone live, you do tend walk away with a feeling of 'it was wonderful, but...'. For me it was wonderful, but I would have loved to have heard 'Paranoid Android', 'All I Need' and in particular, 'Fake Plastic Trees'. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't detract from the show itself as I absolutely loved it, and they haven't played 'Fake Plastic Trees' since 2010. Plus, with a back catalogue as extensive as theirs, they can't play everything, but it would have been a dream to be present and hear 'Fake Plastic Trees' live. Depending on the day and my mood, I have never failed to listen to that song and not cry; whether it be a glistening tear or full on hiccupy break down, that song still resonates with many of Radiohead songs resonate with me- hence them being my favourtie I guess. But the ability to write someones life story without even knowing they exist??? They write my life story, they describe my pain, my love, my infrequent joy, my anger and my want. Of course, these are all based on how Thom feels when he writes and is not based on my life at all, but when you come across something in whichever facet of creativity, which does this for you...well you feel like you're not alone in this. You feel like someone actually understands you and feels the same way (however abstract or distant they may be in relation to you and your life).

This is what their music and lyrics do for me.

There are those who will never get to see their favourite artists perform live: Jeff Buckley, Ramones, Nirvana, Miles Davis, just to name a few. This is why I am absurdly lucky the band I love the most are still alive and creating music they wish to share with their fans.

I'm still buzzing!

Here's the set-list in full (thanks to NME, because my memory is just appalling these days!):
'Lotus Flower'
'15 Step'
'Kid A'
'The Daily Mail'
'Climbing Up the Walls'
'The Gloaming'
'These Are My Twisted Words'
'Like Spinning Plates'
'Karma Police'
'Pyramid Song'
'Morning Mr. Magpie'
'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi'
'Give Up the Ghost'
'There There'
'Everything In Its Right Place'

Here are a few shots from my vantage point:

Oh and this is what I wore, LOL:

T-Shirt: Victoria Secret
Skirt: New Look
Cardigan: ASOS
Tights: Boots
Boots: ASOS

'Til next folk!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween at The PCC


Well I’m exhausted right now, because I had the fortune of spending the evening at The Prince Charles Cinema for their Pajama Party Halloween Edition. I had initial thoughts of dressing up and going in a full costume, but I didn’t want to do too much- we were sat indoors the whole time after all. So in the end, I decided to wear this really cool dress. I wore the black version for my very first blog post, but this white version is my favourite! I love everything about it, the cut flatters your curves and makes you look and feel elegant without being too overdressed.

The print is very cool and was appropriate for the evening- Geisha zombies and skulls- OH MY! I kept it simple with leggings and flats, but if I were to dress it up, I’d definitely go for tights and heels (will no doubt be a feature here soon). It’s a really comfortable dress too, because when you’re sitting in a cinema from 9pm-9am, you don’t exactly want to be in anything restrictive.

Oh, it was also the very first time with my tattoo out! Its healed real nicely and no longer needs to be wrapped up :)

with dresses, I always like to wear belts to nip in the waist

Love the print! 

Dress: Soho’s Clothing
Belt: Vivian of Holloway
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Leggings: Savoir (via Very)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

My cure tattoo :D 

 There were some who made the effort *hangs head in shame*

It was a really fun night and my very first pajama party with The PCC- I will be going again!

This is the first of at least two posts this week, so I’ll leave it there for now.

‘Til next time folks!