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One day, we're gonna live, in Paris!

(Nice reference to the fab Friendly Fires ;p) Hi guys, So its been a little while since I touched base with you, and this isn't really a clothes post but more of an update. I went to Paris recently and it was a dream! I last went there when I was 13 for a school trip and I hated every minute of it! People were rude and had no patience for students, and I nearly got run over by some mad man (who was thoroughly enjoying the terror in my eyes!) :( I swore I would never go back there and until this trip, I had avoided the place like the plague. Anyways, my friend Alexia invited me and my friend Rosie to visit her and stay for a few days- we of course jumped at the chance and headed for the Eurostar. It was pretty chill and went by really quickly (but that was probably because I slept through the journey). Alexia is currently staying in the cutest flat ever! It was a one bedroom flat that was so gorgeously decked out and typically French. I had a clear idea


So I went to see Radiohead for the first time last night, and my head is still completely in the clouds. Radiohead are my favourite band and I remember watching the video for 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' on MTV (when MTV was actually cool- if you blinked, you missed it), and being enchanted by Thom York spinning around like a Looney Tune (a sign of things to come)- that was where my love for them started. Like any love though, you go through ups and downs. For me, the downs were 'Amnesiac' and about 90% of 'Hail to the Thief' (I know, I know- sue me!).......but then they released 'In Rainbows'. I was apprehensive when they announced they were releasing a new record. As already mentioned, the two predecessors did nothing for me, and I so wanted to love this record. I downloaded it but didn't listen for a few days, but when I finally did- it was heaven! I cannot express how much this record means to me and I welcomed it like a warm blanke

Halloween at The PCC

Hello! Well I’m exhausted right now, because I had the fortune of spending the evening at The Prince Charles Cinema for their Pajama Party Halloween Edition. I had initial thoughts of dressing up and going in a full costume, but I didn’t want to do too much- we were sat indoors the whole time after all. So in the end, I decided to wear this really cool dress. I wore the black version for my very first blog post, but this white version is my favourite! I love everything about it, the cut flatters your curves and makes you look and feel elegant without being too overdressed. The print is very cool and was appropriate for the evening- Geisha zombies and skulls- OH MY! I kept it simple with leggings and flats, but if I were to dress it up, I’d definitely go for tights and heels (will no doubt be a feature here soon). It’s a really comfortable dress too, because when you’re sitting in a cinema from 9pm-9am, you don’t exactly want to be in anything restrictive