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Office Vixen and my new Tattoo!!

Hi folks : )

I’m currently in a state of happiness because I’m watching Daria on VIVA, and I LOVE Daria! She is my heroine so always watch and soak in her sarcastic words of wisdom when she’s on.

Just thought I’d share with you what I wore on Friday. It’s very rare that I actually go to work looking professional, smart or classy, so this is a gem. I bought this dress an age ago, but have worn it only a handful of times. I don’t really do the whole smart look often, but this dress caught my eye due to its fit- the pattern is pretty rad too.

Dress: Evans
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Scarf: M&S
Leggings: Savior (via Very)
Shoes: Next

Oh, yesterday was my tattoo getting day! It’s my very first tattoo and I love it. I was super scared once I was on the table watching the needle getting ever closer to my skin; and it really hurt! I was a brave little soldier though and didn’t cry or ought.

Anyways, here it is:

Thank you Rikki at 'London Tattoo' in Islington!

I wanted to get birds incorporated with the stars, but I was very specific about the birds not being too big. The artist said if I wanted them that small, she wouldn’t be able to do the birds in detail- they’d look like random blobs of ink. I of course didn’t want that, so now have a perfect excuse to get my second one ;p

Well, I’m off to watch more Daria. Hope you’re all doing good.

‘Til next time folks!



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