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Summer Time!

Well this is my first proper post in a while, so sorry about that folks. Hello to my new followers, so glad that you guys are enjoying what I’m doing so far- the emails I have been receiving have been so wonderful J

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos I’ve posted thus far with my Interview Series (page above). I have a couple of people on the horizon too, so watch this space. Sorry I haven’t posted the email interviews just yet; still a few things to sort in this regard and will hopefully start to post them from next week.

I have so many ideas swirling in my head at the moment, some of which I don’t know how to get kicked started, but I will plug away and will of course keep you updated if anything develops.

I haven’t been all there recently, the last two weeks have been quite difficult, and I’ve been doing the old “analysing ones life”. I have a pipe dream to spend a year (or two) in New York. I want to try and get more involved in photography as I’m really rediscovering my love for it after years of abandonment. It would be amazing to take this new love to New York, but I was there earlier this year, and you can’t move a centimeter without bumping into a photo pro.  Anyways, I've started to look into it and it seems quite hard to just up and leave- but where there's a will....

Right, back to business!

You know when you are rummaging through your wardrobe because it is stinking hot outside and you can’t for the life of you find something that doesn’t make you melt due to the unbearable heat? Well I found this lovely summery dress crumpled up on my top shelf. I haven’t worn it since uni (trust me, it was a looong time ago!), and can’t believe I haven’t paid attention to it until now. This is light and airy, and I felt cool all day. I am the WORST when it’s this hot, so to find things that makes me not feel like a lobster is a blessing:

Dress: New Look (ages ago though)
Scarf: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: So Fabulous (via Very)
Belt: Camden Market
Legging: Savoir (via Very)
Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

*Shout out to the photographer, my lovely friend Soph J

Well I think I’ll leave it there, I’ve gone on a bit :s

‘Til next time folks!


  1. I love the dress it's really cute and the pumps match perfectly xx

  2. Aw, thank you :) I am the devil in disguise when it's really hot- can't handle it at all, so finding things that keep me cool all day is a sigh of relief :) xx


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