Sunday, 10 June 2012

First stall outfit!

Hi folks J

I am tre excited to show you this fabulous dress I wore yesterday for me and my partners first stall at Camden Market. I absolutely love this, and I couldn’t wait to put it on in the morning. It’s exactly the kind of dress that shows all the right curves and hides all the “trouble areas”- it makes you feel like a million dollars!

Anyways, I felt like an uber sex kitten in this dress and wish I could wear it everyday.

Dress: Sohos
Cardigan: South (Via Very)
Scarf: Marks and Spencer
Tights: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

In regards to the stall, it went pretty well, and this is how we set it up:

Next month, we are going to use a Black or dark Brown cloth, as the White one we used, washed the jewellery out a little bit. But, despite that, we sold five items in total and had many people complementing us on our designs- we’re excited for our next run. This is my favourite piece from yesterday:

‘Til next time!



  1. I love this dress it's gorgeous xx

    1. Thanks so much! I love it too, it's from Soho's - they have so many lovely things. Watch your bank balance though, lol. x