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Hello!! Wow, so many people have viewed my blog today, and hello to my new followers J Just wanted to talk a little about a very important event coming up in a couple weeks- the fabulous Fattylympics! Fattylympics is something I came across via Twitter, so I’m going to do the same:  Fattylympics I think it’s such an amazing cause and I can’t wait to get there and meet everyone. People like “us” need a platform, even if it’s just for a day, to feel like we can have a voice that is heard. We have the media telling us what we should look like, what ethnicity we should be, what size we should be to be deemed desirable, what clothes we should wear……’s insanely frustrating! On their blog page, they have a wonderful interview that anyone can fill out, and I really had a good think about my answers before submitting. It’s important to portray what you really feel about something you believe in, and I didn’t want to let myself down and not say everything that

First stall outfit!

Hi folks J I am tre excited to show you this fabulous dress I wore yesterday for me and my partners first stall at Camden Market. I absolutely love this, and I couldn’t wait to put it on in the morning. It’s exactly the kind of dress that shows all the right curves and hides all the “trouble areas”- it makes you feel like a million dollars! Anyways, I felt like an uber sex kitten in this dress and wish I could wear it everyday. Dress: Sohos Cardigan: South (Via Very) Scarf: Marks and Spencer Tights: Marks and Spencer Shoes: Dorothy Perkins In regards to the stall, it went pretty well, and this is how we set it up: Next month, we are going to use a Black or dark Brown cloth, as the White one we used, washed the jewellery out a little bit. But, despite that, we sold five items in total and had many people complementing us on our designs- we’re excited for our next run.  This is my favourite piece from yesterday: ‘Til next time!

New Fashion Blog!

Soooooo, this is my new fashion blog! I like the idea of having the two things I love to do: talk about clothes and talking about my life - separately.  Tomorrow is the first Camden stall for me and my friend/partner, and we are very excited! I personally cannot wait to wear my new dress, just wait ‘til you see it!  I will post loads of pictures tomorrow in regards to said dress and the stall itself, but until then, check out this cool dress I wore the other day: Dress: John Rocha Cardigan: Love Label (via Very) Scarf: Dorothy Perkins Tights: Marks and Spencer Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Fab bag: Dorothy Perkins Love and hugs, Xxx