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Late Attendance

There is an understanding when you go to school. You are given a time when you must be at school, ready for class. If you do not get to school on time, more often than not, you are given detention and if the lateness is consistent you are brought to the principal’s office. Please take a seat in the principal’s office. I’m afraid you have been late for over 400 years….. In the last week or so I’ve seen a multitude of people, most of whom have never uttered a word on racism that they both participate in and benefit from, using Twitter and Instagram to “show solidarity” to black people. Whilst I’m sure these people think they are doing the work, like I said in my previous post , what is actually being done? It all feels a bit funky to me. Violence has been happening to black people for centuries and there has been silence. Why is it now people want to rally? What is the difference between then and now? Social media is truly a great tool. We are able to share aspects of our lives
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Don't Call it A Comeb(l)ack

There are no words...well there's more that there are no right words. How can there be right words when everything around you is so wrong?! Of course you know what I'm talking about. The continued violence against black people weighs heavy everyday. Story after story, hashtag after hashtag; it all feels too much. This weight - the weight of black blood we're forced to carry on our backs, is breaking us and if people don't want to see or understand that, you will be forced to. That's why you see protests and that's why you see looting, so before brandishing your judgement know that you are speaking from a place of safety.  I'm keeping this short. I've deleted so much from what this post was originally going to be. I was going to list resource after resource for white people to refer to, but decided not to. It is not MY work to do. The internet is there so please use it, and along with sharing posts to show your solidarity, think about what steps

I Need To Stop Shoulding Over Myself

There's a saying that I'm very much here for: 'Don't should all over yourself'. I don't know the origins (hit me up if you know), but I think it's one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard. The problem for me is that I very rarely practice this advice. I'm the first person to be everyone else's cheerleader, but often fail to be my own. As a shy introvert, I find it hard to shut off the brain that is constantly ticking over every decision and every event that happens, that I find myself standing still a lot of the time. I talked about taking the leap  in my last post and I've definitely improved with taking chances with certain things, but there's still a lot of other things I haven't had the confidence to do, and one of these is my blog. I have so many ideas and drafts for posts on topics I want to talk about, but for various reasons I haven't posted them. It might be that I don't think people will be interested or it

Taking the Leap

We've all seen the movie: Our lead wants something and thinks about this thing all the time. People around our lead send positive vibes and encouragement to go for this thing, but our lead is scared to go for it. After some time something ignites our lead to take the leap and go for it. With a set-back or two our lead finally gets the thing and the screen fades to black with our lead beaming from ear-to-ear.......and we sit there as the credits roll with a warm glow, marvelling at the leads bravery and grateful that the lead wins in the end. But we all know that movies are not reality. You see, I took a leap quite recently and went for something I really wanted. It was something that had been on my mind for some time and I had done what our lead always does - I talked about it to a few trusted friends, and talked and talked and talked until it got to a point where there wasn't much else to say over time. It was a leap I had never taken before and I had talked myself out o


In the blogger world, success is often in reference to money or exposure. Often these two things go hand-in-hand, in that the more exposure you get the more you are in a position to ask to be paid for your work/ name/ face, etc. Blogging has become a business for many and an aspiration to even more, but are we being realistic? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to have ambition and to work and strive for a goal or goals, but I also think it's important to be realistic with those goals. There are so many factors that come into trying to make a blog a business. For example, bloggers whom have been able to make their blog their sole source of income are often white, slim/ slim passing, a small fat, able-bodied, cis gendered, and/ or with euro-centric beauty. There are of course other examples that correlate, but that's the starting point. Not every blogger is going to fall into that blueprint, nor should we, but unfortunately we have not yet reached a point where s

Writing Tools from Old English Company

There are so many ways in which I'm old fashioned, and hand writing is one of those ways. I can see your confused faces now. Surely I don't mean actually taking a pen and applying it to paper?! Well yes, actually. I've always loved writing in notebooks and it's how I started, and continue to write creatively - short stories and my never to be finished novel are all in notebooks and I just love the process. I love seeing the misspellings, the crossings out, the brainstorms in the margins and plot twists arrowed on a different page; I love seeing my mind working stories out and it's something you just don't get when typing away on a computer/ laptop/ phone, etc. I feel so much more connected to my work when I'm using a pad and pen, so when I was asked if I wanted to pick some items from Old English Co. I couldn't wait to head over to their site. In the end I decided on half writing tools and half treat yo'self gems: 1. ' Do What You Love&

The Confidence Myth

"Fake it 'til you make it!" I cannot tell you how many times I've seen that phrase, and although I understand the sentiment, it hasn't been one I've ever really embraced. You see, I'm a self reflector and have always tried to be honest with myself about my feelings and emotions, so looking in the mirror and telling myself that I feel amazing when I don't, just doesn't sit right. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should go about our daily lives unloading onto the person unfortunate enough to sit next to us on public transport, and I'm not saying we should wear sandwich boards with our mood of the day (although I secretly think this would be awesome!), but we at least owe ourselves the truth. We live in a society where, if the cashier in Sainsbury's asks how we are, we are expected to smile and simply say "Good thanks, and you?", and I too fall into what is socially acceptable in this instance, but I refuse to lie